The Diabetes Longevity Team

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Dr. Bruce Perkins


Bruce Perkins
Dr. Bruce Perkins is a Principal Investigator for the Diabetes Longevity Study. He obtained his MD and Internal Medicine Residency training at the University of Toronto and his Endocrinology subspecialty training at Harvard University and the Joslin Diabetes Center. He completed his Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Perkins joined the Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes at Mount Sinai Hospital in 2013. He is an Associate Professor and Clinician-Scientist at the University of Toronto and his research interests include the identification of valid early phenotypes for diabetic nephropathy and neuropathy as well as technologies in diabetes care including the use of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring in clinical trials and clinical practice.

Dr. David Cherney


Dr. David Cherney is a Principal Investigator for the Diabetes Longevity Study. After completing his MD at McGill University, Dr. Cherney completed his Internal Medicine Residency, Chief Resident and Nephrology Fellowship training at the University of Toronto. He then completed a PhD in Renal Physiology at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto and was appointed as an Assistant Professor and Clinician Scientist at the University Health Network, University of Toronto in 2008. He is a member of the Banting and Best Diabetes Centre Committee for Excellence in Research and Training and is the Director of the UHN Renal Physiology Laboratory. Dr. Cherney’s major research interests relate to the physiology of renal hyperfiltration and macrovascular dysfunction in early type 1 diabetes, urine biomarkers, and the effect of gender on vascular physiology in humans.


UHN and Joslin Diabetes Center

Dr. Vera Bril, Neurologist

Dr. Bril graduated with her MD from the University of Toronto. She joined the University Health Network in 2003 where she is the Director of the Division of Neurology. She is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and her clinical and research interests include Diabetic Neuropathy, Myasthenia Gravis, and Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathies.

Dr. Michael Brent, Ophthalmologist

Dr. Brent graduated with his MD from McMaster University in 1983. He completed an internship in Internal Medicine at the University of Toronto before completing the Ophthalmology Residency Program in Toronto in 1987. Dr. Brent joined the department of Ophthalmology at the Toronto Western Hospital, UHN in 2005. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and his main clinical and research interests are in Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy.

Dr. Hillary Keenan, Research Associate

Dr. Keenan, PhD, is a research associate at the Joslin Diabetes Center and a co-principal investigator for the Joslin 50-Year Medalist Study, part of the Joslin Medalist Program.

Research Team

Mount Sinai Hospital

Erik Lovblom, Research Analyst and Statistician

Mr. Lovblom is a research analyst and statistician with the Diabetes Longevity team. He completed his BSc in Mathematics and Economics in 2009 and his MSc in Mathematics in 2011 at the University of Toronto. Erik began working with Dr. Bruce Perkins at the Toronto General Hospital in 2011 and the Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes in 2013.

Dr. Andrej Ország, Clinical Research Coordinator

Dr. Ország is a clinical research coordinator working with the Diabetes Longevity team. He obtained his MD at Commenius Univeristy in Slovakia where he also completed his Internal Medicine Residency training. He has been working at the University Health Network since 2005, initially as a member of Dr. Vera Bril’s research team. In 2007 he joined Dr. Bruce Perkins’ group to pursue his interest in research related to diabetes complications and use of technologies in diabetes management.

The study is being conducted in collaboration with the Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes at Mount Sinai Hospital and the University Health Network in association with the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School. Funding provided by the JDRF.


  • Located in the heart of the discovery district in Toronto, Mount Sinai Hospital is a state-of-the-art, 472-bed patient care, teaching, and research hospital. The hospital focuses on three broad organizational goals: patient and family-centred care; increasing their role as an academic health sciences centre and teaching hospital fully affiliated with the University of Toronto; and enhancing their community health partnerships.

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  • The University Health Network (UHN) is a major landmark in Canada’s healthcare system and a teaching hospital of the University of Toronto. Spanning across all major disciplines, the UHN is made up of the Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and Toronto Rehab. Their mission involves exemplary patient care, research, and education and their vision is to achieve global impact.

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  • The Joslin Diabetes Center is a teaching and research affiliate of Harvard Medical School at Harvard University. They are a one-of-a-kind institution on the front lines of the world epidemic of diabetes and are leading the battle to conquer diabetes in all of its forms through cutting-edge research and innovative approaches to clinical care and education. Their vision is a world free of diabetes and its complications and their mission is to prevent, treat, and cure diabetes.

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  • The JDRF, formerly known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, is a global leader in the search for an end to type 1 diabetes through research funding and advocacy. They are committed to improving the lives of every person with type 1 diabetes and to curing the disease. The JDRF supports research projects in three basic areas: Cure, Treat, Prevent.

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